Sandblasting Wood

One of our specialties is sandblasting wood – which takes a lot of skill and experience to do. Customers come to us with old wood they’d like to restore, often with peeling paint, sometimes even lead paint which requires special care and ventilation. Paint removal done via sandblasting also avoids the risks associated with other popular methods such as heat stripping (drying out the wood, or even fire!) nor nasty chemical stripping (not the best to be around, not the best for your wood to absorb either.)

Wood is soft, so it takes a delicate and experienced hand to clean the wood without damaging it. Choice of media and grain size are important factors as well for completing the job successfully. Once completed, the wood surface will be ready to accept treatment for your needs; whether paint or a stain to protect and showcase the beauty of that exposed wood. Our customers LOVE our wood restoration work. Check out our gallery below and reach out to us for a quote to sandblast wood for your project.