This is a very important note in regards to working with sandblasters. One should make sure that they are not blasting using silica sand.

Below are some pictures of silica sand to give you an idea what it looks like. It may come in bigger or smaller sizes. It is very cheap and some competitors may use it – please be aware that it poses a health risk and should not be used under any circumstances. The media that is freed from using this material is very hazardous and can cause silicosis – this can be as nasty as asbestosis and there is no cure for it. We do not use this material, and you definitely do not want it around during your job or after around you or your loved ones. Some people may try to pass off silica sand as crushed glass. If you suspect a product to be silica sand then check the details on the bag or try getting it wet; silica sand turns brown when wet.

At Kelly Sandblasting we don’t cut corners and use only materials that are safe for people and pets. All materials we use are approved by the Environmental Protection Agency.

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